dont paint me black when i used to be golden

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Hi i'm jessie | 18 | The golden state. |
Soft kitty, warm kitty little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty purr purr purr.


i dont wanna go to college i wanna go to concerts 

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am i the only one that talks to myself?


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you can hear shawtys father crying in disappointment 

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If we’re dating I will get you sexually frustrated a lot just to amuse myself

that is so true not even sorry

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Tbh I lightweight have this crush on my new coworker and he invites me to kick backs all the time and I finally went to one and it was pretty fucking dope. I got there and he tried hugging me but I told him to be careful because my back tattoo was still fresh so he straight up grabbed my head and kissed my forehead and I thought that was so fucking random but cute :3

He later proceeded to ignore me and flirt with my hostesses and and I was a bit jealous. I mean who doesn’t get jealous when you have a low key crush on someone and they’re flirting with people right in front of you?

Anyways, later he started focusing on me and asked if I wanted anything to drink (he’s a bartender and was whipping out all these drinks for everyone but me) and I responded with something like ” oh now you remember me” and he looked at me, smiled, and made me a super strong margarita. He came back with it and asked “hey are you going to drink this?” And ofc me being a sarcastic twat I said “are you going to be a little bitch about it?” He responded with “wrong answer. Are you going to drink it?” and I persisted again with “are you going to be a little butch about it?” He smiled, I laughed, grabbed the drink, and walked away as I left him standing there.

Idk what it is about him that fascinates me. I think it’s because he’s older, but is still young. Has a very dark but hilarious sense of humor. And he’s super friendly and easy to get along with.

But that’s just the thing. He could be just super friendly and I’m just sprung on how easy it is to get along with him. I’m just a 19 year old girl who hosts and serves at restaurant while attending college. While he’s a server who is also a bartender and lives life to the fullest doing all the crazy shit he does with no care. Sigh he can be my senpai but yknow how senpais work; they’ll never notice you. 💔💖🙍

Then again I don’t want anything serious. Im so not ready for that. My last relationship really screwed me over. I just kind of want to fuck him really. Lol.